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Critical Moment

July 20, 1969: “One giant leap for mankind.”

Critical Moment

Unearthed in the 1980s, statues from a transitional period of pre-history reveal the human experience in its most enduring aspects.

The Calculus of Audra McDonald

Broadway may be dark, but hope emanates from its most celebrated star.

The Talk at Brunswick: The 2020 campaign trail—Jonathan Burks, Patti Solis Doyle

Former advisors for Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton talk to Editor Kevin Helliker in this edition of Brunswick Review's podcast.

The Talk at Brunswick: Rahm Emanuel Looks at the 2020 Campaigns and Systemic Racism

In this podcast, the former Obama Chief of Staff and Mayor of Chicago talks to Brunswick CEO Neal Wolin about Trump, Biden and the social responsibilities of public companies.

Critical Moment

As a child in Gloucestershire, England in the 1760s, Edward Jenner, creator of the first widely used vaccine, overheard a dairy maid say, “I shall never have smallpox because I have had cowpox. I shall never have an ugly pockmarked face.”

Cartier's Mercedes Abramo

The first female President & CEO of Cartier North America talks with Brunswick’s Shahed Fakhari Larson and Brendan Riley.

Making Waves

Scientist, ocean conservationist and social entrepreneur Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson tells Brunswick’s Preston Golson and Liz Dahan about corporate action and transparency needed in the climate crisis.

Shahed Fakhari Larson

Shahed Larson specializes in advising clients on business critical issues, including litigation and crisis, regulatory investigations, corporate governance matters, management transitions, and mergers and acquisitions. She is a key member of the firm’s Litigation Communications offer, advising companies facing complex legal matters impacting numerous stakeholders, including workplace conduct issues, class action litigation, trademark disputes, shareholder litigation and regulatory investigations.