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Critical moment

Apollo 17 astronauts looked back at the Earth – and took a photo. Margaret Mead later wrote that “it was not until we saw the picture of the Earth, from the Moon, that we realized how small and how helpless this planet is”

Brunswick 30

As it turns 30, Brunswick has cause to celebrate, with offices and influence that now span the globe. Our founders tell Kevin Helliker how it all began

Say it out loud

Journalist, TV star and former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer tells Brunswick about his view of the role media plays in business deals

Critical moment

Marshal Ferdinand Foch, is seen through the rail car window as he signs the Armistice ending World War I

Making "LOVE"

Artist Robert Indiana spent 10 years on projects that led to the creation of the “LOVE” sculpture, during which he explored individual words as “a fit and viable subject for art.”

Puppet masters

The truth is under threat from “extreme reality manipulation.” Aviv Ovadya, prophet of a looming “infocalypse,” speaks to the Brunswick Review about how business can fight back

Governance without borders

Miguel Maduro, Director of the European School of Transnational Governance, tells the Brunswick Review about evolving paths of power beyond the state

Critical moment

Stephen Hawking’s life and work captured the public imagination as profoundly as anyone in the history of science

Magic Wand

Globe-trotting orchestra leader Xian Zhang talks to the Brunswick Review about culture, commitment and leadership in music.

Visions of tomorrow

Knowledge and relationships – not predictions – are the windows to the future says author and entrepreneur Ross Dawson

Critical moment

The drumbeat of Moore’s Law allows tech companies to anticipate changes, permitting a fast, efficient pace of innovation.

Critical Moment

A sharp rise in humanitarian aid from businesses after a natural disaster has proven effective on a number of fronts.