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31 March 2017

The mine of the future: thoughts from the next generation

A perception study of UK and South African students about the mining industry

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24 March 2017

Hong Kong 2017 Chief Executive Election

Deep look at why this election matters, the key issues that will shape Hong Kong’s future direction, and how the candidates are perceived to measure up in addressing them.

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22 March 2017

China’s annual political gathering 2017

A review of the fifth and final session of the 12th National People’s Congress

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28 February 2017

Mining Sector Results Season

Analyses and highlights of media coverage of the mining sector's earnings season

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21 February 2017

Getting the Deal Done

Stakeholder management in getting the deal done (first published in Dealmakers magazine)

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16 February 2017

India, Singapore, Middle East and Africa – quarterly review

A quarterly roundup of news, analysis and ideas from the world’s most dynamic emerging markets

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16 February 2017

Stakeholder management in getting the deal done

It is probably a lazy truism that regulatory and political clearance has become the most challenging and unpredictable factor in executing complex, crossborder mergers and acquisitions

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02 February 2017

How will President Trump impact the GCC?

The early days of the Trump presidency already indicate a profound shift in US policy towards the Middle East

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30 January 2017

France 2017 elections in perspective

Episode 2: The left wing primaries, the true kick-off of the Presidential campaign

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