Making the case

Top lawyer Steve Susman talks to Brunswick’s Mike France about the media and his successful challenges to conventional wisdom

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Getting to the heart of the matter

Paul, Weiss attorney Roberta Kaplan talks with Brunswick’s Ellen Moskowitz about managing the message and the media in the legal fight for gay marriage

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Order in the court

England’s former Lord Chief Justice talks to Brunswick’s Charlie Potter and Caroline Daniel about justice in the age of digital communications

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Cybersecurity introduction

This is a business imperative, not a tech issue, says Brunswick’s Cybersecurity and Privacy team

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Bridging the trust divide

Consumers see little difference between data privacy and security, says Brunswick Insight's Peter Zysk

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Blockchain explained

"Distributed ledger" transaction technology, demystified

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Issue 10

The view from outside

Osamu Nagayama leads the board of two companies, to the benefit of both, he tells Brunswick’s Daisuke Tsuchiya

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The power of two

Pedro Moreira Salles tells Brunswick’s Marcos Caetano how the merger that created Brazil’s Itaú Unibanco involved sacrificing control for the greater good

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Welcome to the new math, Mr Bezos

A change in a Harvard Business Review calculation shows how society is redefining leadership for the 21st century, says Editor-in-Chief Adi Ignatius

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Shareholder Activism

Inside the mind of an activist

High-profile hedge fund manager Bill Ackman disrupts companies, demanding they perform better. The Pershing Square founder says boards should listen, not just fold, when an activist shows up. Interview by Brunswick’s Steve Lipin

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Don’t wait to build trust

Abe Friedman, corporate governance expert and founder of advisory firm CamberView, tells Brunswick’s Gemma Hart and Jayne Rosefield how early engagement with investors can win activist fights

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Corporate defender

Legal guru and champion of board power Marty Lipton tells Brunswick’s Steve Lipin why he has battled for half a century against the ills of shareholder activism

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Issue 9

How to earn the data premium

As breaches grab headlines, many companies see data as a liability. But investors value businesses that have a clear strategy to manage data

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Back to basics

Pearson CEO John Fallon is testing the global education company’s own products in an effort to improve learning around the world. Interview by Brunswick’s Julie Andreeff Jensen

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One in a billion

Imagine being asked to set up a biometric ID for every person in India. Nandan Nilekani tells Brunswick’s Khozem Merchant how he rose to that challenge

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Issue 8

Weathering the storm

Bob Dudley on leading BP’s fight to do the right thing in the Gulf

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The art of sales

Steven Murphy, Christie’s CEO, tells Brunswick Partner Kim Fletcher how the venerable auction house is learning to love commerce in a digital world

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Finding the lagniappe

T.Boone Pickens, legendary oilman and dealmaker, tells Brunswick’s Steve Lipin and Chrysta Castañeda that the seeds of his career were sown in the risk-taking culture in which he was raised, where the status quo was rarely acceptable

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Issue 7

The art of political persuasion

Leadership in tough times is about keeping focused on the big picture and not getting lost in day-to-day difficulties, Pedro Passos Coelho, Portugal’s Prime Minister tells Brunswick’s Rurik Ingram

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A cyberspace odyssey

From live-streaming in outer space to fugitive-hunting on American streets, social media now dominates the public conversation. Mashable’s Pete Cashmore and Lance Ulanoff explore

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Deal traffic control

Navigating a deal safely home means avoiding political turbulence

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Issue 6

The Eleven Conversations

It is said that there are only seven plots in drama. We think there are 11 big conversations about the challenges facing the world today – and that corporates need to join these conversations

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The Democratic Republic Of Burberry

Angela Ahrendts, Burberry CEO, has fostered a common credo of democracy and creativity for employees and customers alike, all in the service of its uniquely British brand

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Entente Cordiale

‘How do I get this past legal? ’ Pfizer’s Amy Schulman and Sally Susman tell Brunswick’s Jennifer Lowney that, for them, this isn’t an issue and describe how they make their relationship work

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Issue 5

Renaissance Newsroom

Under Robert Thomson, the Journal is redefining reporting for the digital age

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Once More Unto The Breach

Data security breaches have taken on a new dimension with the rise of “hacktivists,” and require new levels of preparedness

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Adrian Newey: Art, Physics … Speed

Adrian Newey is probably the most successful racing car designer ever, winning championships with three different Formula One teams, including Red Bull Racing, where he has been Chief Technical Officer since 2006. Here he talks with Brunswick’s Anita Scott

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Issue 4

Jim O’Neill Game Changer

The man who invented the acronym BRIC talks about globalization, growth economies and the macro- and micro-economics of Manchester United Football Club

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For The Facebook Generation, Private Gets More Public

Private stock marketplaces have added a new dimension to the capital markets.

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Kevin Spacey In The Round

The Oscar-Winning Actor and Artistic Director of London’s Old Vic Theater talks to Brunswick’s Annita Bennett

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Issue 3

Mobilize Everything

AT&T’s Randall Stephenson talks to the Brunswick Review about strategy, technology and trust

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A Calculated Take On Trust

Does Nobel economist Oliver Williamson really believe that trust has no place in business?

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Hearing China’s Voices

While still a one-party state, China is no longer a one-voice nation. In 1949 and for decades afterwards, Mao Zedong’s words were the only ones that mattered, and his propaganda Chief Mei Yi helped broadcast them in China and around the world.

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Issue 2

Restructuring: Building The Best Comms Model

The restructuring of corporations, whether purely financial or in response to changed market conditions, is becoming one of the most complex and emotionally charged business challenges.

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Digital Dilemmas

Industry leaders, media commentators and Brunswick analysts consider some of the challenges of a fast changing online communications landscape.

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Arianna Huffington - Editor-In-Chief, Huffington Post

New media winners will combine new ways with the best practices of their traditional counterparts, she tells Brunswick Director Lane Hudson.

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Issue 1

Communications Crunch

Restoring trust in banks; coping with prolonged uncertainty; reflecting on change. Seven experts give their views.

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Stephen Green - Group Chairman, HSBC

Rebuilding trust will not be the work of a moment, says the Group Chairman of HSBC. It requires a new emphasis on values within corporations, so as to buttress the regulatory environment.

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Sir Win Bischoff - Former Chairman, Citigroup

It is vital for banks to acknowledge that they carry a share of the blame for recent events, says the former Citigroup Chairman, but it is not nearly as clear-cut as some commentators maintain.

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