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The Crisis Issue

Crises are leadership tests. We believe effective leaders draw on experience, rely on data, and constantly prepare for crises to empower appropriate action by their organizations. By supporting that action with a tailored communications strategy, Brunswick helps companies move through a crisis more effectively, telling a clear, evidence-based story to the stakeholders that matter most. Brunswick’s unique approach helps clients recognize – and seize – the moment in a crisis when the story can shift and our client can pivot toward restoring their business.

Our global network of advisors have experienced corporate crises of every description and from every possible vantage point. We have learned that preparation pays dividends. We help our clients build crisis- leadership muscle memory in advance of an incident. When a crisis strikes, we understand the importance of gathering the right people in the room. We serve as partners, walking alongside our clients to help them successfully navigate challenges. Brunswick takes pride in the clients we represent and in the trust and responsibility they place in us, particularly during times of crisis.