Oliver Huber | Brunswick
Oliver Huber
At the core of any successful solution is a smart idea. It depends on us to be the engineers of creative, fresh, smart concepts that are solving the individual problems of our clients in a very complex environment.

Oliver Huber

Director, Vienna

Oliver is an expert in finance and banking. He advises clients on financial communications, media relations, government and regulatory affairs, positioning and crisis.

Before joining Brunswick, Oliver was head of communications and spokesperson of the Austrian Central Bank (OeNB) and its Governor for 13 years. He represented the Central Bank in European committees such as the Eurosystem/ESCB and masterminded the integration of the Financial Market Authority and the Banking Supervision of the central bank in Austria. Oliver also served as an adviser to the State Secretary in the Austrian Federal Chancellery on economic and financial strategy and public service reform. He is a graduate of the University of Economics and Business in Vienna.