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ISMEA Newsletter

Welcome to the September 2017 edition of the Brunswick ISMEA Group newsletter, a quarterly publication featuring news and analysis from some of the world’s most exciting emerging markets.

As demonstrated throughout the year, this region presents numerous opportunities and risks for businesses seeking to benefit from its commercial potential.

The region is changing at a rapid pace, as evident from shifting geopolitical alliances, to the implementation of new technologies, to opportunities in business and society. To truly understand the impact of all these changes, businesses need insights and analysis to remain at the forefront of this dynamic part of the world.

As always, Brunswick examines the driving forces of the region –Commodities, Connectivity and the Rising Middle Class – and the implications these have on the billions of people who work and live across ISMEA.

We hope this latest edition will provide readers with an objective view of these trends, while asking –and hopefully answering – the questions that matter most to you.
Please take a read and let us know your thoughts!

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