Reaching all business critical audiences

Our specialist areas

We help our clients reach all essential audiences for every business critical event and issue in the life of a company.

Capital Markets

Investors are the means by which companies have access to sustainable and affordable sources of capital. Our heritage in financial communications means Brunswick has that insight at its core.

We provide companies with strategic advice building a narrative and articulating the value proposition. With a global team we have the relationships and understand the local needs and regional variations in investor behavior.

Financial Transactions, including, M&A, IPOs, Restructures

For over 26 years we have earned the position as the leading firm worldwide in financial transaction communications. We are consistently at the top of the global mergers and acquisitions rankings.

Brunswick supports clients by working alongside legal and financial advisors from an early stage developing the communications strategy, messaging and materials.

Our expertise covers markets and exchanges in Europe, the U.S., Asia, the Middle East and South Africa. We have unrivaled cross-border capabilities and provide one seamless transaction team for international deals.


In the event of a crisis, companies need good decisions, and fast.

Brunswick is a leader in handling crisis. We have extensive experience providing support to companies around the world and have a core team of crisis experts across the firm.

We know that re-building a company’s reputation in the wake of a crisis takes a long-term approach.


Brunswick has a strong reputation for litigation support which is based on our unparalleled track record in the U.S. and Europe.

We support our clients with teams of highly experienced people who are recognized as leaders in the field.

Regulatory & Public Affairs

Companies today are facing increased regulatory and public affairs challenges involving legislative, executive, and judicial branches of governments.

We work closely with in-house government relations teams to help broaden public support and build a better understanding of our clients' businesses amongst relevant policy-makers. Our team includes former senior government advisers and political campaign staff who understand the context in which decisions are taken in government.

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Data is a high value asset and its stewardship is a key element of a company’s corporate reputation.

Data breaches and crises are just one aspect of a range of corporate data issues. Corporate leaders must also develop strategies to determine what, if anything, their company says externally about its collection and use of data. 

Our teams of cybersecurity, political and regulatory specialists, drawn from across the world, will help companies navigate the challenging political landscapes and regulatory regimes from the state to the international level.

Employee Engagement

Effective leadership of any business requires regular communication with employees. This is even more important when a business is managing difficult issues or undergoing change.

Our experts help develop the employee communications strategy, including defining specific issues and objectives, providing analysis and developing effective processes and channels. We advise on the right messages and the best means to deliver them effectively ensuring internal and external communications activities are aligned.

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are at the heart of corporate reputation.

Understanding which issues are strategic business imperatives and knowing which audiences to engage is vital to protecting a company’s license to operate and gaining competitive advantage.

At Brunswick, we provide senior-level, strategic counsel and communications expertise that helps clients build an integrated communications approach to address issues and build relationships.

Financial Calendar Communications

Companies have the opportunity to improve their reputation and valuation through an effectively managed financial calendar.

By providing strategic advice and tactical execution, Brunswick helps clients present a compelling investment case. We ensure our clients’ value proposition is clearly articulated and understood by all audiences which are critical to their business.

Media Relations

Media relations is at the heart of what Brunswick does as a firm.

We have built strong relationships with key media across print, digital and broadcast outlets and have a global team of expert advisors that include former senior editors and correspondents.

We engage in strategic media outreach to assist clients in reaching their business goals: from broadening awareness, to positioning for a strategic shift, or laying the groundwork for corporate activity.

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