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Employee engagement in a digital world

A day in the life of an employee - How do you connect with the always connected?

Our recent breakfast seminar at London’s Hospital Club brought together comms professionals from a variety of sectors to discuss employee engagement in the digital world. Led by our Executive Chairman, Matt Shepherd-Smith, and Director, Employee Engagement, Phil Morley, we looked at what it means for employees, companies and communicators to live and work in a ‘world turned instant’.

As communicators, it’s never been easier to reach employees – but it’s never been more difficult to get their attention. The average employee receives 120 emails per day, checks their mobile 150 times, and spends 1.5 hours of their working day on social media. Glued to their screens and smartphones, they are constantly distracted, overwhelmed by information, and, under growing pressure to multitask. The impact on their health, wellbeing and productivity is profound. It’s estimated that 43% of all working days lost to ill health in the UK last year were caused by stress.

If we want to connect, we need to start from a position of respect for the employee by putting ourselves in their shoes, understanding their views and voice, and appreciating the busyness of business from their perspective.

We need to be clear about what we want them to think, feel and do, and communicate with them in ways which are simple, surprising and emotionally engaging. We need to use the power of combining creativity and technology, but with a focus on context over content, outcomes over outputs, resonance over reach and coherence over consistency.

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