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Reach Further

Communication isn’t a zero-sum game, says Brunswick’s Craig Mullaney.

There’s some concern out there that digital connections may come at the expense of human contact. But communication isn’t a zero-sum game.

Craig Mullaney, a digital advisor to leaders around the world, says, “I see a hierarchy from face-to-face at one end to global social networks at the other end. Almost any leader would prefer to speak directly with people, but with today’s globally dispersed organizations that’s not scalable. So you seek small where you can find it and master newer technologies to magnify and extend.”

Mr. Mullaney, a Brunswick Partner in Washington, DC, and a decorated Army combat veteran, describes on page 14 the pleasure he took recently in a face-to-face meeting with Senator Robert Dole, the legendary politician and World War II veteran. 


Craig Mullaney is a Partner based in Brunswick’s Washington, DC office.

Illustration: Serge Bloch

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