A business strategy won't get far unless employees understand it, care about it and ultimately act on it. That's our job.

Christopher Hannegan


Christopher is responsible for leading Brunswick’s global employee engagement offer providing strategic counsel to clients in support of transactions, crises, transformations, business strategy shifts and cultural evolutions.

He helps companies chart a path to better connecting with their workforces through more dynamic, creative and socially enabled communications approaches and programs, and builds communications functions that deliver new value to the business.

Christopher joined Brunswick from Edelman, where he headed Edelman's Employee Engagement offering in the United States. Prior to Edelman, Christopher was at the management consulting firm Booz & Company, where he led teams and change management programs for many Fortune 500 clients to help them improve the effectiveness of employee communications and increase overall levels of employee engagement, and at the strategy execution firm Gagen MacDonald in Chicago. He started his career at Bayer, where he held positions in Germany and the United States.