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Ayrton Thevissen

Ayrton Thevissen

Director, Brussels

Ayrton advises clients on their corporate communications with respect to navigating EU and Belgian political and media landscapes. He is experienced in developing campaigns and engagement programmes for clients across different sectors. Ayrton also advises clients on crisis and litigation and supports on financial communications.

He specialises in helping companies gain a better understanding of political dynamics and the media landscape with a focus on the EU and Belgium. He advises them on how to best position themselves and engage more effectively with decision-makers and journalists. Ayrton has developed compelling narratives and successful engagement programs for a range of companies across different sectors, helping them to enhance their reputation and engage more effectively with policymakers, media and other stakeholders. 

Before joining Brunswick, Ayrton was a policy advisor at a financial services trade association and a strategic analyst at the Belgian Finance Ministry. Ayrton holds a MA in European Studies from the KU Leuven.