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We conduct a number of surveys each year to give greater insight into today’s communications landscape.

13 July 2015

Retail investors’ views of shareholder activism

A survey of active retail investors uncovered that the majority of investors are paying attention to shareholder activism and believe activists drive shareholder value.

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26 June 2015

The future of corporate communications

Views of senior European communicators on the changing landscape and roles for corporate communicators

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08 June 2015

2015 Brunswick investor use of digital and social media survey

Trends in the use of digital and social media by the investment community

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10 April 2015

U.S. Oil and Gas M&A survey

Brunswick surveyed 105 people, including bankers, lawyers, private equity investors, analysts and investment managers specializing in the energy sector

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18 March 2015

8th annual Brunswick M&A survey

Confidence in global M&A activity endures but dealmakers less bullish, says 8th annual Brunswick M&A survey

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11 March 2015

Managing reputation for US technology companies in the UK

This presentation explores how US technology companies can understand and manage their corporate reputation in the UK

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09 December 2014

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Analysis

Trans-Atlantic public opinion on international trade and TTIP

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12 November 2014

US post-election business outlook

Research conducted by Brunswick Insight which includes survey data from Washington elites and US Financial elites

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12 June 2014

Main Street vs. Wall Street: Who is to blame for data breaches?

Analysis of major data breaches at US publicly traded companies

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